This is our little diary of a our 99 days travelling South East Asia.

Day 5: Flying to Chiang Mai

Day 5: Flying to Chiang Mai

9:00 — Back to Bangkok airport we go and northbound we went!

Claire: We were given a packed lunch on airplane which was surprising considering it was only a 55min journey. That said, it was the grossest sandwich I've ever tasted!

We really like Chiang Mai and the sun is shining, yay. It feels fresher up here, and there’s much more space with it being such a small city. Our hotel is on a little side street in the Old Town and we’re greeted by a smiley man. Everybody in Thailand is so smiley, I now know why they call it the Land of Smiles!


19:30 — Thai Green Curry

A few days into our travels and we’ve finally caught up on sleep and acclimatised! We had our first proper Thai meal today too which was delicious, at a place called Cooking Love. We also learnt it’s etiquette to take off your shoes before entering many homes / restaurants / temples / etc, so we leave our sandals outside before dining. The food was incredible and we were given some strange colourful jelly sweets too. Gav took one for the team and tried it but was nearly sick in his mouth. Ha ha ha!! 


There’s definitely no shortage of bars here and that makes us happy. It’s also half the price of Bangkok! That makes us happy too.


Gav's day takeaway

  • Early start back at Bangkok airport what seems like half an hour after we arrived.
  • Thai Smile airline really is service with a smile (and a free green sandwich with the crusts chopped off and some veg mush in the middle – Thai's have some of the best food in the world, but seem to balance it out with some of the worst).
  • Like Chiang Mai, a happier place to be until...
  • Claire fell down a hole and was convinced she had an irreversibly fatal disease as a result, so we cleaned her up with an anti-bac wipe (from Superdrug in case you're wondering) and went back out for amazing Pad Thai and beers for like a fiver or something ridiculous. #tastesbettercheap
Day 6: Exploring Chiang Mai

Day 6: Exploring Chiang Mai

Day 4: Bring it on, Bangkok!

Day 4: Bring it on, Bangkok!