This is our little diary of a our 99 days travelling South East Asia.

Day 13: Chiang Rai

Day 13: Chiang Rai


Gav said our bus had arrived in Chiang Rai and we needed to get off. Claire was confused because nobody else was getting off so questioned Gav who said we needed to get off. Claire and Gav got off the bus... Claire and Gav's bus drove off... but Claire and Gav were not in Chiang Rai.


Thankfully Tuk Tuks are everywhere so a few Baht later and Claire and Gav were in Chiang Rai.


We've just one night here and turns out it's the Saturday Walking Street market, yay. We dump our bags at the hotel and stroll down as the traders set up for the night ahead. It feels already like a very local market, unlike the tourist bric-a-brac in Chiang Mai.


We also spotted our first edible insects... we gave them a miss (gross!).


Considering we were staying in the heart of Chiang Rai there wasn't really much to look at (apart from the markets, but they're just weekly?!). It's not the prettiest of places and apparently their biggest attraction in town is this clock tower... 


That said, it is the first place we really feel like a local. We strolled the municipal market, people watching and admiring the gigantic fruits on offer. We've not seen more than a couple of other tourists meandering around, I believe most of the city's highlights are actually out of town into the mountains and jungles.


Stumbling across a few temples, we explore the gardens and greet the buddhas. There's beautiful orchids everywhere in Thailand. I wonder how mine is getting on at home (Mum?).


19:40 — As night falls, the market streets are alive!

Already this is my most entertaining market in Thailand — it's brilliant. There is some kind of classic dance show going on and all the locals are boogying, I join in a little but mostly watch from the side giggling.  

Gav's day 13 takeaway

  • Chiang Rai is okay, not much happening, until...
  • The Saturday dance-a-thon, it's like a 400 metre track filled with some type of conga-esque Thai dance accompanied by a pumping soundsystem and a great street market.
  • There's also plenty of massage parlours in Chiang Rai, looks like there might even be a few 'happy endings' ;)
  • Our happy ending was me having a toilet episode and Claire watching a cockroach scurry across the room. Gav couldn't find it so Clairee slept with one eye open!
Day 14: Chiang Rai & the White Temple

Day 14: Chiang Rai & the White Temple

Day 12: Pai > Chiang Mai

Day 12: Pai > Chiang Mai