This is our little diary of a our 99 days travelling South East Asia.

Day 31: Halong > Hanoi

Day 31: Halong > Hanoi

06:30am — Breakfast 😱

They love an early start over here! Breakfast was pastries and coffee that we actually snook back to our room to enjoy from our cosy bed. There was an excursion at 7:30 but it was cold and wet so we decided to enjoy another coffee from our balcony and just enjoy the views. It was so calm and peaceful.


As the boat made its way back to the harbour the rain stopped and we enjoyed having the top deck to ourselves before a delightful brunch of... seafood noodles.


We say goodbye to our new friends we met onboard. Some newly weds from Chicago, and a hilarious couple from South Korea. They email us this photo later... ahhh such memories! 


16:00 - Returning to crazy Hanoi

We check into our new hotel which will be home for the next 3 days. Our room is a welcomed escapism from the streets below and I know we'll like it here. I'm quite looking forward to getting lost in the city! 


Gav's day 31 takeaway

Day 32: Hanoi old quarter

Day 32: Hanoi old quarter

Day 30: Cruising Halong Bay

Day 30: Cruising Halong Bay