This is our little diary of a our 99 days travelling South East Asia.

Day 34: Hoi An

Day 34: Hoi An

A lunchtime flight of just 55mins from Hanoi > Da Nang

Claire: Hoi An is a breathe of fresh air after Hanoi. A 45min taxi journey from Da Nang international airport we arrive at our hotel in the ancient town of Hoi An. Our hotel had great reviews and looked really nice in the photos but alas it's a quite dated which is a shame. The room we were given was super small and dark, with a tiny balcony looking at a wall... so I did ask reception is we could upgrade (happy to pay as we're here for 3nights!) and they kindly gave us a bigger room free of charge. It's an improvement! 

Our location is perfect, nestled on the Ancient Town’s riverside so we grab our brollies and head out on foot to explore. Everything is walkable here and the town itself is actually pedestrianised which is a welcomed break after the madness of Hanoi.

HOI AN-3.jpg

There’s a complete fusion of architecture styles in Hoi An. Principally Chinese and Japanese (evident with the Japanese Covered Bridge, Chinese Assembly Halls, and the many museums and temples) — then later with the European influenced French-colonial houses and old canals. 

HOI AN-8.jpg


You actually need a ticket to get into the Ancient Town but it’s not organised very well so we get in free of charge today. I think you mainly need the ticket to get into some of the notable heritage buildings which we’re dodging anyway as they’re so tiny but chock-a-block with tourists! We amused ourselves watching the coach loads of Chinese tourists come in and get straight into these buggy things to be cycled around single file but in convoy… 

HOI AN-2.jpg
HOI AN-1.jpg

The buildings are beautifully preserved and there’s lots of tailors, leather shops, restaurants and galleries. Each street lined with colourful lanterns, it’s very picturesque. 

HOI AN-11.jpg
HOI AN-4.jpg
HOI AN-11-2.jpg

Gav's day 34 takeaway

  • My main takeaway was a rice pancake. Literally, we found this culinary gem of local street food and 'took it away'. Then went back for 2 more.
  • It's raining.
  • Hoi An is a lovely little place.
  • If only it wasn't crawling with tourists.
  • Yes, I see the irony.
Day 35: Sunshine in Hoi An

Day 35: Sunshine in Hoi An

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