This is our little diary of a our 99 days travelling South East Asia.

Day 35: Sunshine in Hoi An

Day 35: Sunshine in Hoi An

The sunshine has found us once again!

Claire: I've been wearing the same hoody and jeans now for a good week (hobo), so I was super excited to see the sun shine today. The mornings seem much quieter in the town with just the buzz of locals doing their daily things before the herds of tourist coaches arrive.

HOI AN-22.jpg
HOI AN-1-2.jpg

In the 16th and 17th centuries it was a major Southeast Asian trading port but now the town is declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. All the buildings are so pretty and really well preserved. They seem to share my love of yellow too...

The town has such a lovely atmosphere with lanterns crisscrossing the streets, it gives it so much colour, especially against the yellow buildings. When the sun goes down, they give off a warm glow and it's so charming. This eve we ate at a restaurant called Home which was delicious! 

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Gav's day 35 takeaway

  • There's a 'Walking and Cycling' street in Hoi An which is a nice idea to allow pedestrians the time and peace to walk leisurely down a lovely quaint street dotted with shops, cafes and restaurants. Except, it may as well be called 'Please drive your scooter erratically at tourists street'. 
  • I'm gonna fall out with a Vietnamese man on a scooter soon. Apparently they don't get road rage, maybe they find it fun (like dodgems), but I might get pavement rage soon!
Day 37: Hoi An by boat

Day 37: Hoi An by boat

Day 34: Hoi An

Day 34: Hoi An