This is our little diary of a our 99 days travelling South East Asia.

Day 72: Krabi

Day 72: Krabi

Claire: We say goodbye to Malaysia after a yummy eggy breckie at Breakfast Theives in our favourite KL hotspot before heading to the airport. 

17:00 — Arrive in Krabi 

Krabi is just a stopover night really as we knew wouldn't be able to get any boats to the islands by the time our flight had landed. We also don't have anything else booked yet so we're using tonight to plan a little route and get some hotels sorted. 


Our hotel is super cute and I have interiors envy! It's called Family Tree because it's run by 4 generations of family and everybody has their role from the brother roasting coffee, sister baking, mum cooking and grandparents investing. It's newly opened and the renovation took them 2.5 years... you can tell as everything is so considered. They worked with an artist to have these ace murals all over the hotel and downstairs cafe too, depicting family stories and adventures.


We wasn't really expecting much from Krabi itself but it's okay! Just a typical sleepy riverside Thai town with a few hotels and restaurants, nothing overly exciting but it’s super chilled and everybody is really friendly. We're reminded how delicious Thai food is and how cheap it is too (£6 bill for dinner & drinks incase you were wondering)


Gav's day 72 takeaway

  • People are generally fascinating creatures. None less so than when travelling by air.
  • Granted the whole process of flying is designed by idiots who generally insist on making everything pretty much as stressful and non-intuitive as possible.
  • But the knock-on effect of this stress, combined with cooping and herding people around like caged hens, turns even the most rational of us into crazed physcopaths.
  • I myself have been guilty of becoming one of those psychopaths at times, but because we've caught more flights in the last few weeks than I can remember. And given I'm a fairly laid back type. I've been noticing these nuances more and they've begun fascinate me as we've gone along.
  • ...And so it gives me great pleasure to introduce the number 1 stupid thing we do on that day from hell (in my mind, please disagree at will using the comments below).
  • ...And the winner is...
  • Because nobody's going anywhere for about 15 minutes!
  • What's that about????? Why do people do it. Every time. It never changes.
  • Everyone jumps up and grabs their bag only to be stood rather awkwardly with their neck at a right angle whilst simultaneously breathing air from under a tall Danish guy's armpit until the ground crew finally arrive with some equipment to open the single door that over 200 people will have to file out of one-by-one. Even once the door is open, it takes a good 5 minutes to get everyone off. SO WHY STAND UP FOR 20 MINUTES PEOPLE??? WHY????
  • And all of this is without mentioning, it's usually the ones who can't wait to get on the plane in the first place that are also the ones that can't wait to get off.
  • It blows my tiny little mind, it really does. Although imagine if you could buy 'Speedy Exit' as an additional extra!? Scary what people will pay for.
  • Please someone explain it to me... Go on, leave a comment.
Day 73: Ao Nang

Day 73: Ao Nang

Day 71: Whistlestop tour of Kuala Lumpur

Day 71: Whistlestop tour of Kuala Lumpur