This is our little diary of a our 99 days travelling South East Asia.

Day 54: Kep > Kampot

Day 54: Kep > Kampot

09:30 — Kep Salt fields

Claire: This morning we attempted to head back out to those salt fields we'd passed when we first arrived into Cambodia. The off-road journey led us through local villages and farms, we almost felt like we shouldn't have been there it was so local! After about 40mins we realised we were still quite far away and petrol was going down pretty speedily... and there ain't no petrol stations on dirt tracks. So alas, we turned around, but safety first! It was nice to absorb some local life on the journey anyway.


13:00 — Kampot bound

Just 15 miles northwest of Kep, we jumped on a tuktuk for our journey to Kampot (a bargain $12 in case you were wondering). The route was ace, driving past Cham Muslim communities and fishing villages, and passing several schools where I'm sure the whole student population drive scooters...they must be no older than 10!!! 


We arrive into Kep at our lovely riverside dwellings Pippali. The hotel has just 6 rooms and a lovely poolside bar, which I'm sure we'll be taking advantage of over the coming days.


We end the day with a sunset riverside stroll (I'm such a sucker for a sunset) and delicious dinner at TwentyThree where Gav also found a beer that wasn't lager which made him extremely happy. 


Gav's day 54 takeaway

  • Our second stop in Cambodia is a small-ish riverside town but I feel like I've seen more police in one day here than in the whole of Laos. Either way, given the rumours of corruption, this is definitely not a town Gav will be hiring a scooter. I don't fancy my chances.
  • In other news, we're nearly out of suncream but we're struggling to find any that's less than $12. I expect you'll have little sympathy for us here (I expect nothing less), but when you get used to paying half or even four times less for stuff than we would at home, it's just a bit of a shock to the system when something is the same or more expensive as home.
Day 55: Kampot

Day 55: Kampot

Day 53: Kampot pepper farm

Day 53: Kampot pepper farm