This is our little diary of a our 99 days travelling South East Asia.

Day 98 & 99: Bangkok > Birmingham

Day 98 & 99: Bangkok > Birmingham

Claire: So we've done full circle and we're back in Bangkok where it all began 98 days ago. We arrived in this city and was overwhelmed with the traffic, heat, people, noises and smells. But we leave this city feeling a little different... maybe we're just more acclimatised to asian culture / timezones / climate, but we found some charm in Bangkok that we hadn't uncovered before. Wandering back streets, exploring old quarters and watching the locals go about their day to day lives... it doesn't feel like the crazy, ruthless, metropolis we'd remembered all those months back.


I'm feeling very lucky our businesses have allowed us to work from anywhere in the world. We've had so many memorable experiences, visited incredible places and absorbed so many beautiful cultures.

But we're at Bangkok airport now and it's the end of this adventure. For anybody who is still reading, well I'm impressed you've read 98 of my rambling posts, so thank you. If you're wondering where day 99 is... well blame Emirates for that. They changed our flight and well we couldn't change the URL half way through our travels (and 98 days doesn't quite have the same ring to it anyway does it?!). So here we are.. BIRMINGHAM BOUND! 


Gav's last day of takeaway noodles

  • It's been emotional.
Day 97: Bangkok

Day 97: Bangkok