This is our little diary of a our 99 days travelling South East Asia.

Day 81: Koh Mook jungle cycling

Day 81: Koh Mook jungle cycling

Claire: Half of Koh Mook is covered by jungle and even though we didn't really stray too far off track today we did enjoy exploring on mountain bike. 


The forest is super dense and has the loudest insects we've ever heard. We didn't spot any tropical birds or creatures but I'm sure they were hiding in there somewhere. I'd have loved to have biked down the dirt trails but the brakes on my bike hardly worked so we didn't want to risk any injuries on an island with no hospital, doctors or clinics!


Heading back through the village we watched locals building boats, carving coconut shells, cooking. Everybody says hello as you cycle past, it's so lovely. We stopped for a pancake lunch at a beachside cafe and just watched the world go by. Island living at it's finest.


We did see the epic super blue moon this eve too! It was a giant metallic copper beast that looked magnificent reflecting on the ocean. Alas we didn't take a photo but we did take a pic of the fishermen coming in... 


Gav's day 81 takeaway

  • Everyone took all the complimentary bikes
  • Claire got left with one without any brakes to speak of
  • I got a bike with brakes
  • I had fun
  • Claire did not have fun
  • After bikes we ate fresh fish on a BBQ
  • I like fish
  • Complete with a jacket potato in tin foil
Day 82: Kayaking to Koh Mook's Emerald Cave

Day 82: Kayaking to Koh Mook's Emerald Cave

Day 80: Koh Lanta > Koh Mook

Day 80: Koh Lanta > Koh Mook